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we weave technology-driven ideas into existence across a spectrum of specialized products and services within our four divisions.
symmetry digital

Pakistan’s premier full service digital marketing agency, Symmetry Digital specializes in data-driven and insights-oriented strategies. they are pioneer of innovation and creativity who promise to create engaging brand conversations, ideas that attract more customers, and great experiences across all digital channels.

iris digital

A fast-paced company that is powered by bright minds and big ideas, Iris believes in the future of digital and offers a wide range of digital services. they craft strategic plans, create engaging user-experiences, and deliver exceptional creative to build strong brands.


As an Authorized Channel Partner & Gold Supplier of, they act as a bridge between Pakistani brands and the world's largest online marketplace. Symmetry Trade provides consultancy, knowledge, digital marketing tools and services needed to succeed on the global stage.


Built on the belief that good insights lead to better decisions, and better decisions lead to better businesses, Corral’s core strength lies in harnessing the power of data to solve complex business problems with a strong commitment to cutting-edge technology. We use data visualization, analysis, big data analytics, machine learning, ai and deep learning to bring data and insights to life.

corral performance

Corral Performance is a comprehensive and insightful unified analytics platform that frees advertisers from manually logging into different paid advertising platforms. It provides performance visualization and insights to identify online advertising performance, generate multi-dimensional reports from raw information for advertisers on all of their advertising channels by collecting data directly from multiple sources, including Facebook, Google AdWords, Google Display Network, YouTube and more.


Delivering cutting-edge user interface design (UI) and user experience (UX), Appabilities builds world class mobile apps for businesses and startups that want to create amazing user experiences.


Survit is an end-to-end SaaS solution that enables organizations to measure satisfaction level of their customers at scale. The solution is based on CSAT method of measuring customer satisfaction levels at sales & service touchpoints.

The solution is suitable for both external & internal customers hence can be utilized across all industries, specially banking and retail. The solution is based on customer metrics and parameters that differentiate a satisfied customer from a dissatisfied one.

The solution offers following key features:

  • Mobile Interface
  • UI/UX Design to maximize engagement
  • QR Reader
  • Conversational & Customizable Dashboard
  • P2P Comparison
  • Comprehensive Reports

Mobits is a cloud-based platform to manage mobile marketing, reporting and user engagement. It enables clients to manage mobile marketing campaigns, run analytics & reports in real-time and deliver push notifications to users.

The platform is a unique, white label, SaaS on-premise solution that can leverage your existing infrastructure to deliver real-time alerts, information, and communication from customers to enterprise. This solution will improve any company's business allowing them to reach consumers with targeted content, messaging, coupons and alerts regarding new products or sales coupons.


One-stop shop AI Powered Influencer Marketing Solution for the Data-Driven Age. A unified influencer marketing platform to make discovery, engagement, audience analysis, campaign management, real-time reporting and growth simple while giving you access to over 100 million influencers.

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